quarta-feira, setembro 24, 2008

Sofá Azul

There's no place like home.

Everything I wanted about these last hours, and I still want, is to dive in my soft couch... So blue as the skies... So confortable as my mommy's arms.

Just spread my body, laying down to rest, on the middle of an autumn afternoon, waiting for the evening.

Look around and see a weak light coming thru the windows, perceive the sun trying to touch my lazy fingers...

Hear my dog snoring on the other side of the living room.
Hear the kids playing outside, and fell it getting away, so away until I fall to sleep...

Sleep on the same couch that dry my tears when I am apart from my pilow, when the bed room seems too cold to sleep in there.

I wanna give myself to the sleep arms... The dreams will come and take me away from the wounds, from this world of cruelty... From the unfair reality.

Then my wings will stop to hurt, maybe stop to bleed, who knows? And the thorns inside my chest wont hurt my heart so hardly. I'll be dreaming my dreams by myself but not alone, because the blue couch will stand holding me...
So blue and so lonely as I am.

Blue Couch - by Bárbara Stracke {2006}

Image - Sky Shore, by Kil1k

3 comentários:

Laudo disse...

Oi, dona Bárbara.
Gostei da fotinho nova. Tá bonitona lá, hum???

Agora já a foto da comadre abaixo...

Vani Vomit disse...

eu num sei ingRês direito...então fico devendo um comentário melhor ;)

Belcrivelli disse...

Sei inglês medianamente, apesar de que ando com ele enferrujado. Costumo mais ler pela internet, raramente leio livros. Mas não me lembro de tentar escrever um texto. Gostei do seu! Ficou muito bom!