terça-feira, janeiro 13, 2009

Ao Som da Depressão...


Dialogue with Mrs. Depression

Here I am... So tired again... Feeling blue again... Sorrow came once more.
And there's nothing I can do, holding my tears, trying to not cry, keeping it in my throat until it aches... Almost suffocating me.
Depression, do you have a noise? A whisper maybe?

"Slow down sweet heart, things will be fine soon."

But my breath is so deeply sad...

"Be strong my dear, you can do it."

Storms are always flooding me...

"You'll feel better out side."

And when I get in again, thorns and despair will keep hurting me as everyday...

"Goodbye, little brokenhearted, you don't have salvation, once you fall. Nobody will loves you, as sorrow does. Wasting time seeking for a reason to keep smiling, to be alive! But now, you see my angel, your wings are full of dust and blood. Scars and cuts that wont heal.
You already know how the world can be bitter to little girls with ocean souls. Don't you see the poisoned arrows flying to get you every morning?
You have been running as a rabbit, and what have you got?
Nothing, but pain and suffering again.
Anyway, don't give up... You're bigger than this!"

I'm so tired to hold on... Can't you see it in my red eyes?
And all I hear now is the wind... The song of depression.

By me: 10/Apr/2007.

2 comentários:

Belcrivelli disse...

A Depressão pode começar como um suave véu do qual não tomamos conhecimento, que lhe cobre os olhos e deixa a vida com um efeito enevoado, sem brilho e sem graça. Depois esse véu nos cobre os membros, tornando tudo mais difícil de se realizar, apesar de sua leveza não permitir que o notemos. Seu peso causa o desânimo e a apatia. Após isso, o véu nos cobre a cabeça, dificultando o raciocínio e deixando-nos com a sensação de que carregamos o peso de todos os problemas do mundo. Até que o véu se torna insuportável e pensamos em encerrar tanta agonia.

Anônimo disse...

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